In the barn at Mercy House

Scottish farmers, Bob and Chris, visit a barn at Mercy House home for young people in need in Latvia.

‘Children on the Edge’ is a joint project, planned in Poland in 2006, that offers educational help for children unable to attend school or training and it involves work in Moscow, Kiev, and Transylvania.

In Latvia help is needed for formerly fostered youths who are not trained or educated. They help to run the farms of Mercy House; some with a small garden and cows, but all lack the skills or tools to contribute to the self-sufficient life of the Mercy House community.

A project proposal for buying a tractor and equipment was planned in Lydia Project’s Lithuanian summer school in 2009. Following that, two Scottish farmers were sent to assess the needs and possibilities of Mercy House lands.

After finding the funding, a second hand Belarus tractor was bought for the use of Mercy House, to increase skills and self-sufficiency.

Further equipment for working on the farms is required to go with this tractor.

Mercy House member cares for cows

A member of Mercy House who tends the cows.