The “Renewal of Hope” playground for refugee children in Georgia has now been set up on the edge of the small town of Sagarejo. It has brought joy to those displaced by war and, like the special events organised by Lydia Project partners, has renewed hope after traumas and in spite of deprivation.

Georgia now has an estimated 300,000 people displaced by recent wars (UNICEF), many of them children, living in disused buildings such as former schools or colleges, with families unable to get work or to move or return to their villages. They receive £12 per person per month for survival.

Women of the Lydia Project have run several projects to give pleasure to some of the most deprived children through summer and winter camps. The hope of setting up a playground for one group of refugees has now become a reality.

Donors generously supported this playground complex: the Rotary club in North Berwick, the Pollock Trust in Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church, plus several churches and private donors .

We hope supporters will be pleased to know that the playground turns out to be the only one of its kind in the whole region! Families are coming to enjoy this new facility and children are mixing with refugee children as they did not do before. Tamara, the mother of six who fled their prosperous fruit farm in Ossetia to save her family from bombs, is delighted. She and her friends of the Lydia Project are only too glad to have made her dream come true.