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Janina Galkauskaite

East Europe Coordinator

Vilnius, Lithuania



Janina and Fiona

Fiona Williams Hulbert

International Coordinator

Edinburgh, Scotland


Our Board


Covenor & Director

Anthea has  been involved in Lydia Project programmes since 1996, when she welcomed participants to the Gillis Centre in Edinburgh where she was manager.  She won their hearts with her carrot cake!


Treasurer & Director

Barbara took over the daily finances of the Lydia Project and supports projects and programmes as they develop.  Barbara is very involved with Christian Aid and the wider picture of social  needs in the world.


Secretary & Director

Bobby has been committed to the Lydia Project for many years, travelling from the West of Scotland for meetings and keeping all in order with calm support.


East European Coordinator

Janina came to the first pilot project as a participator, amused at her English speaking but improving her Russian by helping others. She was invited to help teach the use of computers when it was very new. This was a necessary tool for project proposal drafts, budgets, leaflets, and later for mutual communications. Further responsibilities were added when Janina became East Europe Coordinator, assessing plans and possibilities with the board.



Invited to help with the pilot project in 1995 near Prague, Patsy continues to help and support programmes and board meetings as former Lydia Project Treasurer and facilitator.


International Coordinator

Fiona had strong links with East Europe after studying in Prague in 1966-67, as we ll as working in several European networks that included the East.  When working for the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women, several Eastern members raised the possibility of training to empower women to run new projects in their radically changed societies.  It was suggested that the Lydia Project be established as a Scottish charity for funding and accountability.



Laura became involved in Lydia Project programmes that were planned by Lydia women to benefit from the financial support of the Church of Scotland Guild 2006-2009.  She visited Lithuania in preparation of a ‘Summer School for Facilitators’ in Gelgaudiskis, 2008. She was one of the team of facilitators during that 2009 summer training programme, as well as helping with the programme in Armenia for ‘Never Too Late to Learn’ in 2010.  Laura braved snow to join the team in Albania in January 2011 as well.

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