Our Philosophy

Our underlying approach is a participatory, hands-on, interactive and as ‘bottom-up’ as possible, giving due weight to the participants’ experience and knowledge. We belive groups build up a joint understanding together, through sharing and peer-learning. It is understood that the participants are the experts who know the needs of their local communities.

Working together

Our Process

Lydia Project participants gain a great deal from our participatory approach. Sessions are successful and fun, using visual aids, role play and other means of expression. As a result, project partners consistently request our “creative educational approaches”.

By beginning with the situations the participants come from, and by involving them from the start with whatever plans are developed, we avoid the failures often encountered by the top-down solutions ‘parachuted in’ by ‘experts’. Instead, those who take part in Lydia Project programmes are empowered, inspired and strengthened by the sharing and joint planning. Everyone gains an overview and varied insights into community needs and possible ways of enabling many more people to take things in hand and transform their lives.

Training enhances awareness, skills and know-how, and sharpens abilities such as the use of computers in non-governmental organisations. Each person practices writing realistic project proposals with clear budgets as tools for transformation.

Presenting a draft project proposal

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