In Gelgaudiskis, Lithuania, during a training programme in 2009, this project was planned during the Summer Scool for Facilitators. Many people to plan, to propose clearly, to make a budget and to work towards making this dream come true.  The Lydia Project team helped looking for sponsors. There were many conversations, explanations of the need and possibilities for using a tractor in Mercy House. To help realise this project, two farmers from Scotland visited Mercy House in Latvia, to visit their home for young people in need, and to assess the equipment that could make their small farmlands more self-sufficient. Their decision was that Mercy House could use a small second-hand Belarus tractor that a local farmer said he could help to find.

Two years after the farmers’ visit, funding had been raised by donors including Lydia friends, the farmers themselves, local churches, and several Rotary clubs in Canada. One of the farmers revisited in order to ensure that a tractor that had been found was suitable, and he paid the money and gave a certificate of ownership to Mercy House.  Now the hay could be cut and moved to barns and other work done to make use of the farmlands.  It is hoped that the young people will gain skills and become more independent with this help.

Purchasing the tractor for Mercy House 2012