‘Programme for Facilitators’ Qualifying for Effectiveness


Volunteers were not a Soviet tradition. More qualified people are urgently required in new non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which need volunteers to be trained through new methods of teaching to be more effective. In 2006 Albanians, Lithuanians, Bulgarians, Armenians and Serbians planned a programme to change stereotypes and attract potential volunteers. They will be trained using creative training methods familiar to participants in Lydia Project programmes


• To improve services by trained volunteers in NGOs
• To build new capacities for workers and helpers
• To increase effectiveness of volunteers through partnership and sharing
• To change stereotypes about volunteer work in NGOs, using an international exchange.

‘Capacity building’ or improving skills, know-how and confidence for workers is a top priority for all new NGOs.

Training of volunteers

Training will consist of theoretical and practical aspects and evaluation of projects. A first training programme took place in 2009 near Kaunas in Lithuania. Included in the programme were visits to practical projects in local organizations, working with people in need, youth and orphans. The educators had expertise in NGO work, and building the capacities of volunteers.

The Second phase is in Albania, a programme in the south of Europe, with the organisation, Useful to Albanian Women, as hosts with years of experience in varied projects and situations.

(Introduction jointly made by women from some of the 13 countries meeting in 2006 to plan programmes for funding from the Church of Scotland Guild.)

Participant from Kosovo in Albania
Participant from Kosovo presenting new plan to others in Albania during the programme that took place in January 2011.